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What is Tantric Yoni Massage?

General approach to female Yoni Massage

Female sexuality is an indefinite space that becomes bigger, more intense, and more pleasurable, the more we experience it in a protected space.

Yoni massage, an extensive and intensive massage of the female genital area. The yoni massage has lasting effects on our sexual experience and also teaches us much about true sexuality. You will become aware of how closely your yoni is linked to your whole being - to your inner growth, your happiness, and your desire for life. It affects us in so many levels: on physical level as a source of health and vitality, on an emotional level through intensive dealing with our feelings, and on spiritual level through the experience of a spiritual breath, witch is part of the heart-opening effects of yoni massage.

Tantric Yoni massage would be suitable for women who want to learn about themselves, about sensual touch, and about the power of female sexuality. Sexuality is the most fundamental sourse of spiritual and physical well-being, witch in turn lead to growth and health. It is small step to a more fulfilled and consciously lived sexuality.

Within a short period of time, our clients begin to open themselves and allow themselves to be touched. After a good massage, we see increased depth and empathy, as well as more clarity, loving presence, and profound openness. Some women recognize themselves as sexual beings only after their first Yoni massage, while others begin to realise that they carry deep wounds in themselves.

Tantra gives women a possibility to overcome sexual depression, anxiety, low confidence, clear old traumas. If you practice Tantra with your partner it would give you an opportunity to relax and open your body to your partner in a natural way and forget about hang-ups.

Our carefully selected and yet experienced masseuses will take you to a slow, very sensual, stimulating journey of Tantric Yoni Massage.

Give yourself to the process of Tantric Yoni massage freely without any expectations, and see what it can do for you.

Erotic Massage. Shakti Tantric touch

Once you have taken a quick warm shower, lie back, relax and smile :) There are various relaxation methods available (you may use your imagination) Tantra followers usually use a deep breathing method as it occupies the mind of the receiver, help you to relax and not concentrate on what is happening.

Tantric Yoni Massage will usually start with highly erotic full body sensual massage. You'll feel gentle strokes all over your body. It will open your energy channels, some parts of your body like neck, shoulders and bottoms will be massaged with more pressure to ease the muscle tension. When the kundalini sexual energy have been awaken, the masseuse will move to your private part to give you G-spot and Yoni massage.

Note about the G-spot massage and Tantric orgasm

G-pot massage is a part oy Yoni massage witch aids in restoring sexual interest and helps women achieve more powerful orgasms. Through G-spot massage, women can regain their positive energy and experience better orgasms as well as ejaculation. The ejaculation is real and can become a very deep spiritual experience for some women but it depends of each person.

Ejaculation if occurred, this is perfectly normal and ok but try not give in to the urge to stop. It is important to let this emotional release happen. Many women, because of past traumas will have an outpouring of emotion, this is also normal and one of the goals of Tantric Yoni Massage.

Maximasing Tantric Massage experience

The use of vibrator. Vibrators offer a tickling effect and increase a women's pleasure during a massage when placed on clitoris. Some women would prefer a vibrator inserted into her vagina during a massage and that is absolutely fine.

Breathing is very important when having Tantric Massage. Breath is the microcosm of all existence. Pranayama is the umbrella term for all breathing practices. 'Prana', the Sanskrit word for 'breath', also means life force. 'Yama' means 'control or to expand'. Thus, 'Pranayama' literally means the 'control of life energy'. Breathing techniques are used to change subtle energies within the body for health, vitality and sexual wholeness. Keep breathing deeply during the whole massage session to balance the energies in your body.

Speak Up!: If something is hurting you, you're cold, or even just uncomfortable; tell your masseuse right away. We want this to be an enjoyable experience for you and want you as a return client. It may take a while to understand your needs or wants and the only way for it to happen at all is to tell them. For instance, give us the chance to adjust a pressure. We can do our job better when you let us know your needs.

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