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Everyone loves to relax in a nice warm, soapy bath right? Well, the experience we offer you at Butterfly Touch Massage is one that will leave you quite literally dumbstruck! We're going to explain a little about the soapy massage service we offer and tell you just why you should choose us above anyone else in the city to make your "bath ritual" one you are likely to repeat again and again!

What is soapy massage?

The phrase "bath ritual" is very apt when it comes to the service we provide, simply because the masseuses we represent really do make the whole process a ritual to remember. The word "ritual" itself implies an opening up of yourself and your spirit to the stimulus that surrounds you, allowing it to overflow your senses and provide fulfilment on a level that transcends conventional relaxation techniques. A bathing ritual is a type of spiritual cleansing, which just happens to be an awful lot of fun too! This is arguably why you're on our website enquiring about the London soapy massage service, so we'll focus on what happens during your experience.

The luxury of soapy massage

This is indeed a luxury service that cannot, under any circumstances be rushed. The young women from which you can choose to do your massage are all very experienced and they have their Soapy massage routine down to the very last minute of your booking; there is no waiting around awkwardly wondering what to do with the last ten minutes of your hour long booking when you get a massage such as this!

It's basically a wet and very erotic, soapy experience. You are bathed by your chosen girl in a bath filled with warm water, bubbles and your choice of SPA salts / aromas should you wish. These salts incidentally, really do help detoxing your body too, aiding poor circulation and any muscles aches or swelling. During your bathing ritual your beautiful masseuse will be completely naked. It is important to be completely natural during this ritual, particularly when you learn what comes next.

The climax of your soapy experience

After she has washed your body with aromatic and cleansing soaps, you will then be treated to a full body to body soapy massage where your masseuse will use her entire self (both body and soul) to bring you to a point of absolute euphoria! She will rub herself against and stroke every inch of your already stimulated body, resulting in a feeling nothing short of absolute bliss!

Each of our professional massage therapists has a unique soapy massage technique, so you might like to try a number of them on several visits until you find the girl of your dreams…

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