Nuru massage London slippery fun

Nuru Massage in London is getting more and more popular form of naturist sensual massage.

If you enjoy massage and you've never had a slippery Nuru massage add it to the list of things to "try before you die".

Super slippery and highly erotic full body Nuru massage is what our sexy goddesses are specialise on.

So, what is actually is real Nuru massage?

By Real Nuru massage, we mean erotic body 2 body massage with Nuru gel. Nuru Massage it is not a massage technique as often described in many other web sites.

Nuru Massage is an art type of very sensual and often sexual body slide massage. It is a very intimate form of sensual massage performed with both masseuse and client fully naked. To perform a Nuru massage we use a special Nuru gel which is made from deep seaweed. It's colourless, tasteless, and extremely slippery and smooth. The Nuru gel is very cool and comfortable when applied into your skin. When you are getting a Nuru Massage you sexy naked masseuse will rub your entire body from head to toe with the Nuru gel and slide on you for a perfect body to body massage. Watch her sliding all over your warm body, pressing her breasts against your body... Do you want to be spoiled with this incredible form of massage?

Let us rub you the right way...

Nuru massage benefits

Nuru gel is extracted from Nori seaweed which is found in a deep sea water has some unique characteristics which help in rejuvenating and detoxifying the skin.

In our massage parlours we use Mr Nori's Moist which has the added ingredients of Camomile & Aloe. When used on dry skin it will absorb to nourish and restore tone and vitality making for fresh healthy skin which is left feeling silky smooth.

Other benefits of the Nuru massage can be gained on the usage of body massage techniques between couple which helps to relieve from stress and muscle tiredness. One of the main characteristics of Nuru gel is that it does not have any kind of smell or odour. This is especially helpful if anyone is sensitive to smell.

Nuru massage performance

Warm shower is best to start to Nuru session. Your body must be wet and warm for a better Nuru massage performance. For more fun ask your masseuse to join you in a shower and give you nice soapy massage.

soapy massage in shower prior to Nuru massage

Nuru Massage can be performed on an inflated mattress or alternatively on the bed covered with a special PU bed sheet.

inflated nuru mattressPU nuru bed sheet

Nuru Gel is also called "sex gel" in what makes the Nuru massage so special. Nuru gel in 100% natural water based gel made from Nori seaweed. The gel is warmed up to a comfortable temperature before applied on to your body.

nuru massage gel for perfecr slippery body rub slippery nuru massage with nuru gel

Nuru gel is very slippery, transparent and odourless. Its perfect for sensual body slide massage. Its very pleasurable naked massage with a very happy ending :) or even with more naughty fun.

body to body nuru massage nuru massage London providers

From now on Nuru massage is available for visiting at comfort of your hotel / home

Choose one of our expert masseuse in the masseuses gallery and try it today!

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