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Foot fetish in London or get massaged by sexy bare feet

Have feet fascinated you?

Explore with us whatever foot fantasies you may have.

Have feet fascinated you? Are you curious? This session can be customized to suit your level of desired exploration.  Perfectly coiffed feet, beautifully pedicured with stunning polish and an erotic pair of high heel stilettos - completely barefoot, or perhaps a dainty pair of flip-flops!  Let your Temptress know your deepest foot desires and come, explore and enjoy!

This passionate session is ideal for the true foot enthusiasts; from skilled foot worshipers to those who desire sensual pedi-pleasures until climax. For some it entails bright red toe nail polish, some seek a beautiful arch, some seek long and large and some small and dainty. For others, it is aromas they seek, no matter what aspect of feet you are passionate about, this session will satisfy! Our foot fetish goddesses do not judge and are selected based on their enjoyment of foot fetishes. No matter what your foot fetish may be, we have the perfect Butterfly goddesses for your foot worship session.

Foot fetish. Is it embarrassing or normal?

Some people think it's embarrassing to tell others about their foot fetish, but actually, it's perfectly normal. Foot fetishism is not considered aberrant, in fact it has been accepted all around the world. People are now creating online public and secret fantasy foot fetish groups for your foot fetishism pleasure that discusses topics as foot worship, toe sucking, foot smelling and many other topics and the total number of members that joins these groups are astounding.

Why do guys like to smell girl's feet? We'll what many people don't know is that female feet have strong endorphins in them and it's especially stronger when she sweats. These endorphins reacts to the man's brain opiate receptors and causes the man to become comfortable, relaxed and thinking happy thoughts. In addition to containing endorphins female feet also gives off pheromones which is an attractant of the opposite sex that causes them to notice bare feet and then have an urge to touch their bare feet - it's normal.

If you're interested in foot fetishism remember, it's not a weird fetish to partake in. Many people are into this fetish all around the world which makes this fetish typically normal. No matter what aspect of foot fetishism you're in, whether it's toe sucking, sole smelling, foot massages, foot worship, foot sex, feet licking, nylon foot fetish, high heel foot fetish, foot fetish foot worship trample or even feet tickling, foot fetishism is accepted and so are you.

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London foot fetish fans: Don't worry! What is kinky these days?

London foot fetish service. Foot fetish escorts

You've probably been told many times that your foot fetish is "weird," "kinky," even "disgusting," right? Well, just what does classify as kinky these days? And is kinky something that we should still consider taboo?

Not in our minds of course, we have arguably the best London foot fetish massage services in the city. We've never complained about it, mainly because the masseuses that offer their London foot fetish worship etc. can completely understand the entire concept. Indeed, many of them absolutely adore the attention, even if they don't fully understand. You don't get into the sensual massage industry and do very well, if you don't fully appreciate what your clients desire!

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23 February 2016

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Foot fetish massage and tantric massage

London foot fetish escort

So who says you can't have a tantric massage combined with a foot fetish massage? Not us that's for sure. We welcome anyone who has a passion for foot fetish to also enjoy a wonderful tantric massage, or perhaps a body to body massage. You can imagine perhaps incorporating the two? When you get some of our professional quality Nuru gel involved, things could get very slippery and very kinky fast! The masseuses who work with us at Butterfly Touch Massage, all do these sort of things. They do them mainly because they like doing them to be perfectly honest; it's not always just about you believe it or not!

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20 November 2015

London foot fetish massage gaining popularity

It's true, and it's lovely to see so many people embracing their London foot fetish and disregarding all those who think that it's taboo. There's nothing taboo at all about having a foot fetish, or indeed any fetish come to think of it…

Having particular things that we like is a part of life, and it's a part of life that we like to embrace at Butterfly Touch Massage. Our dedication to our client needs is what makes us so very popular. When you think about it, you're not likely to get a London foot fetish massage just anywhere are you?

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14 November 2015