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Sensual and Tantric Massage. First timers guide

How to prepare yourself for sensual or Tantric massage session

Communication plays a pivotal role in the success of erotic massage. The Tantra masseuse will take substantial care in her choice of words and tone of your voice to make you comfortable and feel good about yourself.

- Trusting your masseuse is very essential in erotic massage. Communicate with your masseuse and express your feelings. give her tips about the areas of intense pleasure as well as that make you feel more relaxed.

- You have to relax, breath deeply and feel the excitement.

- During your sensual / Tantric massage, think about the dreams of your life. Enjoy the act in full and visualise your life filled with love, happiness, and all the positive things that can happen to you. This will create positive energy in both your mind and body, and that the end of the massage you will feel increasingly more optimistic. This redirection of thought will remove bad memories and aid you in creating a brighter future.

- Don't get disheartened if your first sensual or Tantric massage session doesn't yield expected result. Many of as will need more then just one or even e few sessions. Each next session will give you more and more positive results, and that will boost your confidence and enjoyment further.

- Over time, your life will be full of positive energy and happiness. Erotic massage changes one's mentality, so you'll feel an increase in bonding take place as well as feeling of Love toward your partner.

- You need to be open with your masseuse, and let her know your goals you would like to achive. Are you looking to have a sensuous massage? Do you want some parts of your body to be massaged deeply (Deep tissue). Do you want to mix of a sensual body to body massage with deep tissue, head massage or feet massage? Would you like to be erotically massaged and softly teased? What about your secret fantasies? Tell your masseuse all you would like to feet in your session and she will do her best to accomodate all your wishes as long as it does not cross her boundaries.

Lie back and give yourself to your caring beautiful masseuse.

Feeling nervous?

Your Tantra masseuse is prepared to be very patient and tender, she will watch you carefully, sensitize herself to your energy flow, and respond accordingly. She will listen to your body and how it responds. She'll help you achieve your deepest desires with her highly erotic sensual massage.

Tantric breathing Pranayama

When you reach an orgsm, you will feel the contractions and pulsating sensations deeper within entire pelvic area. Deep breathing when you climaxing will allow you to feel it more deeply and completely.

The hole sexuality is so magic, orgasm, ejaculation, there is nothing more pleasant than that in life, no drugs never gave you a better pleasure than an orgasm.
Its a state of relaxation, a state of relaxation that can't be ordered by your brain. It's something you must learn ovetime, to relax both your body and mind. It's for that reason breathing exercises are so important. For some people it become something even deeply spiritual. Nobody went nearly that subject. But we know because we made enough men absolutely affirm that for some certain person this is become a spiritual jorney, because the release is so porfect.

If you are an ebergetic person, relaxing and breathing deeply, calmly throughuot the massage will take ome work on your part. Some of you might have seen the benefits of simply breathing deply when you've done yoga.

Let yourself get lost in that paradise of pleasure.