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Relaxation through erotic massages.

Traditional massage for relaxation and therapeutic purposes is performed while the client's undergarments remain on. In erotic massage a sensual goal is added. One of the key differences between traditional massage and erotic massage is that erotic massage is performed when beautiful masseuse and a client are both naked. Erotic massages sexually stimulate the recipient, and when, performed properly, increase sexual gratification. Erotic massage can be done as foreplay and can sometimes be followed by intercourse. Or erotic massage can be offered just as relaxing fulfilling session followed by sexual relief. Erotic massage, besides offering relaxation, increases the body's flow of sexual flow. A woman / man receiving sexy massage will feel an increase in sexual performance, and their interest in sex will be heightened. This can bring out creative approaches to sex and lead to better sex lives for both genders.

When we are sexually aroused, the human brain controls sexual excitement and the psychological component of sexual feeling. Stimulating Lingam or Yoni stimulates the sexual center in the brain and increases the secretion of sex hormones. In turn, these hormones generate sex hormones from adrenal glands, which help to create a more receptive sexual mood and increase arousal and performance.

Erotic massage also has therapeutic uses. It can aid in curing premature ejaculation in men and restore decreased libido in both men and women. Besides providing great pleasure, erotic massage can bring joy and increase sexual excitement.

Our erotic massage therapist are offering erotic massage for women as well as for men.

Erotic Massage Benefits

Everyone is aware that people who are obsessed with physical well being often get massages as part of their lifestyles, so it is no surprise that massages in general can have a positive effect on health. What does come, as a surprise to many people is that the sensual erotic massage, which many do not consider a "real" massage, can be every bit as beneficial as any other type of massage. In fact, it can be even more beneficial in some areas. Let's look at the health benefits of erotic massage.

The first clear benefit of a sensual erotic massage is that, like other massage types, it relieves stress. Stress has a definite but immeasurable negative effect on our lives. In other words, it makes us less happy and less healthy. Reduced stress results in an overall better outlook on the world at large. People who lead low stress lives tend to be able to go with the flow of life and calmly accept challenges as they arise. In people whose lives are very high stress, their bodies tend to creep toward a fight or flight condition very quickly and remain at that level for a longer than normal time. While approaching or entering a fight or flight condition is not necessarily bad, remaining in such a state or frequently entering the state are detrimental to health. What many do not realize is that such a state is not just a matter of being mentally ready to react. The state affects many other essential bodily functions, like the digestive system and reproductive system, as the body slows them down to maximize the body's available energy to deal with an immediate threat.

The second benefit erotic massage, also one found in other massage types, is increased circulation. Our blood does more than carry oxygen throughout our body. It is also the system that picks up and delivers impurities and toxins to our organs to deal with and eliminate. Erotic massage can work on this crucial system the same way that a plunger can work on a clogged drain. The greater than normal pressure created by the plunger can jar loose objects that may be clinging to the walls of pipes and break up obstructions that have formed. The sensual erotic massage can have this same cleansing effect on the circulatory system throughout the skin and somewhat into muscles.

The last major health benefit of erotic massage is one that is all but absent from other massage types. It is arousal. There is an old euphemism for sexual arousal, "getting the juices flowing". This phrase is especially accurate in discussing the health benefits of sensual erotic massage. There are glands that tend to only be easily activated through sexual arousal. Absent the arousal, the secretions of these glands sit and can develop problems through a type of stagnation. Like an internal combustion engine, these glands need to get rid of the fluids in them periodically or problems arise.

While many people scoff at sensual erotic massage and its value to physical health, regular erotic massage can have benefits as strong as any other type of massage, even stronger in some areas.

Erotic massage is a conscious decision in favor of a healthier life and sexuality.

Erotic Massage Techniques

A good erotic massage is like a choreographed dance performance. Like that dance, the numbers of unique steps that can be invented and used are limited only to the imagination of the person performing the massage. These all but infinite techniques fit into three general phases of the massage and should be geared toward reinforcing that particular phase of the process.

The Heavy Touch

This is probably the most crucial aspect of the erotic massage. The purpose of this phase of the massage is to create relaxation in a nonthreatening manner. It is particularly important when dealing with a massage recipient who is nervous or uncomfortable with being handled. The heavy touch is used on the hands and feet. These areas are the parts of our bodies that come in contact with more people and objects as we walk through our daily lives than any other area. Because of this, not only are the hands and feet generally a nonthreatening area to establish trust and acclimate a subject to contact, but the areas are tough and need the heavy touch because a lighter touch will usually only tickle. While people vary, the more pressure the better. For most people, they would need to deliberately try to hurt the subject for the pressure to be too much, but ask for feedback to be sure.

The Light Sensual Touch

This is the massage style for the rest of the body. Alternating palms and fingertips to create a constant variety of sensation use long, slow and overlapping strokes starting at the center of the body and moving toward hands and feet. This is the bulk of the massage and getting feedback is essential to ensure maximum enjoyment.

The Nonexistent Touch

At the end of the massage, this is the icing on the cake. With a relaxed and somewhat aroused subject, the nonexistent touch can drive them to further heights of arousal. Many choose to use a tool like a feather for the nonexistent touch. Others prefer to lightly blow or breathe on the skin of subject. Either way, the goal is to create such a light sensation that the subject of the massage anticipates and strives to feel the stimulation. Within these three phases of the erotic massage, there is enormous room to experiment. As long as a technique adds pleasure to the experience of the recipient, it is a good technique.

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