Body to Body Massage

Body to Body Massage is the ultimate in sexy massage London has to offer you. Your whole body will be covered in warm non-scented or aromatic massage oil lovingly applied by your incredibly beautiful SEXY masseuse to prepare you for the delights to follow. Using her naked body and magical hands, she will caress and stroke every inch of your body - pressing and gliding against you - teasing you to a state of utter euphoria. She will slide her naked body all over yours - from the tips of your toes to the top of your head, focusing on those ultra sensitive erogenous zones, building you up along a racy roller coaster ride of excitement. Her technique is a unique cocktail of therapeutic massage, delicate caresses and sensual body to body movements. These provocative and daring body to body slides are a wonderful way in which to view the female form in all its glory.

All our masseuses perform nude to give you the ultimate pleasurable of body to body massage and use their intire body to massage you. This creates a more intimate massage and a state of euphoric pleasure. We would permit polite, respectful touching during the massage session but please be a gentlemen. Ask first

Our luxury Body to Body Massage we normally finish by massaging your sexual parts Lingam or Yoni including a G-spot (Prostate) Massage.

Complimentary service to Full body massage Is a soapy shower together with your sexy masseuse.

Body to Body massage can be combined with any other massage technique or a luxury bath ritual (recommended).


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