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Don't drink your problems away, massage them away!

Isn't that always the better option? Granted, booking a tantric massage in London will be more expensive than popping down to the off licence to get a four pack of Stella, but the satisfaction levels simply can't compare surely?

Don't get us wrong here, we like a drink as much as the next person. But we have an alternative at our fingertips (quite literally of course). Tantric massage is the true gateway to relaxation and the alleviation of one's problems; especially if you get regular massage. Drinking will get rid of them, but only for the amount of time you're drinking. After that, your problems return to haunt you, and if you're unlucky you may well bring yourself a few new ones!

London massage alternative

As an alternative to your after work drink, why not get a happy ending massage instead? We know that it's a lot more expensive to get a massage than it is to go to the pub, but have you added up how much you're spending down the pub? If this is a daily habit, it could well be costing you as much as a nice relaxing massage!

And the great thing about spending your money on a London tantric massage is that if you get one, you'll be so less stressed out, that you won't even feel the need to go to the pub during the rest of the week. That's how good we are! So you see, it could actually work out the same, or even cheaper in the case of some of you "hard drinkers!"

You can incorporate the two if you do it right!

So, some of you might be wondering if you could do both? Well, the answer to that is simple really. If you've been for a drink at the pub after work, in order to alleviate your problems, make sure you check yourself. If you are stumbling on your way to the loo, or you can't successfully communicate with people, please don't bother calling us. None of the London tantra massage girls we represent ever appreciate a drunk turning up to her door. We don't really care how sober you think you are, it's not about that with us.

The London tantric massage services we offer shouldn't be "dulled down" at all anyway. In our personal opinion, despite the fact that you'll stink of booze and probably can't walk straight, you're not going to be able to fully appreciate a proper tantric massage. So you'd be robbing yourself of an experience that, had you decided upon it sober, could be fantastic! What we're saying here is that it's absolutely fine to come see us after you've had a beer. In fact, that when a lot of you do. It gives you a little courage, we're aware. You just have to know your limitations, and don't be surprised if one of our London tantric massage experts asks you to leave if you turn up inebriated!

Have a happy and healthy 2016 – Let us help you out with it too!

26 January 2016

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Have a "Happy ending" to 2015! Let our London tantric massage girls do all the work!

2015 hasn't been that bad has it? Surely not! Well, if you have yet to experience the London tantric massage skills of Butterfly Touch, you can still end the year in style…

Whilst most people are stuck watching those "best of" shows at the end of the year, you could have a secret smile on your face. You will be happy in the knowledge that you're going to end the year (or begin the new one) quite literally in the hands of a beautiful young woman. Wouldn't you just love to relax in the arms of one of our gorgeous and talented masseuses?

The best London tantric massage you'll ever have

Some of our girls have been giving tantric massages for a number of years. Most of them started learning their craft as soon as they were old enough to lay their hands on a man in that way (if you get what we mean!) Because you know of course that London tantric massage services concentrate on sexual release as well as the relaxation of every other muscle in your body? If you didn't know that, boy are you in for a nice surprise!

You can expect to get the best of everything in London right? The best restaurants in the country, the best shopping in the country, the best hotels in the country and so much more, because it's the capital. Well, it goes without saying that you're going to get the best London tantric massage! So if you live and/or work in London, you're in the perfect place to end 2015 and make a great start on 2016. Start it with a massage, and then make it a habit to do it regularly.

Regular London tantric massage

Not only will you be enormously "happy," you'll also experience a healthier lifestyle and be much more relaxed. We've said it before, and we'll say it again here. Massage is good for you, simple as that. Whether it's a tantric massage therapy , or any sort of sensual massage, having someone rub their hands all over your body is excellent for your circulation and mood. This can lower your risk of heart attack and stroke and give you an enormous sense of well-being! And we'll tell you something else. The girls we represent at the agency love to get their hands (and their bodies) on regular clients!

Take a look at what we can offer now…

30 December 2015

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Vitamins, lifestyle, yoga or Tantric massage?

If you are stressed, nervous you may need to consider the possibility of acute vitamin D deficiency. You can obtain it from capsules or naturally, in food, and by sunbathing. We know the sun's rays are not as beneficial as they used to be but there is no harm in facing the sun several minutes a day. On the contrary, your musculoskeletal system may benefit from it.

Let's assume you relax your mussels through regular consumption of foods or vitamin tablets. However, keep in mind that regular sleep and the right nutrition matter just as much. One of the methods to relax naturally is resting. By selecting the right bed and pillow, you are doing your muscular tissues a great service.

Practicing Yoga

You may benefit by practicing yoga and doing breathing exercises when stress causes mussels pain and contractions. If you do this regularly, you might prevent your mussels from over-stretching in stressful situations by breathing through your nose (your abdomen should go up and down). Meanwhile close your eyes and imagine all the pain and distress gets away from you.

Tantric massage therapy in London

London tantric massage therapy

Tantric massage is not only stress relief but it also helps to reach powerful sexual fulfilment and spiritual enchantment.

Tantric massage is different than Swedish massage, and one of the primary purposes of Tantra - and Tantric massage - is to awaken the Kundalini. In yoga, the Kundalini is your sexual energy, an intense, healing energy that, for most people, lies dormant at the base of the spine (the sacrum). Kundalini is also known as prana or chi.

Tantric massage is becoming more popular in our culture due to one of its more pleasurable side effects. When the Kundalini is awakened, or drawn out, it awakens the body's sexual energy Tantric massage makes you feel as if you are in a trance, where physical boundaries dissolve, time disappears, and worries and problems no longer seem important or are forgotten altogether.
The only important think to remember is to breathe, witch helps to relax and eliminate or solve trauma if you have any.

In India, people have achieved ecstasy through Tantra for 5,000 years. Now Tantra practice has spread all over the Europe. And you can have it wherever you are. We have got few places where you can have Tantric massage in London with trained experienced therapists.

Give us a call and we will help you to make a choice.

29 July 2015

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What do you know about Tantric Massage?

Many of you will be tempted to go to a massage parlour at some point or other in the London area. However, before you do it's important to understand exactly what you're going to get and make sure you've made a decision that's informed…

It's important that you understand that you don't have to go to a parlour to experience the very best London Tantric massage. The girls we have on our site for example are all very talented at this craft, yet there are predominantly London escorts these days. The vast majority of the girls you see that we represent are fully trained and very skilled masseuses who specialise in relaxing you in every possible way!

Tantric massage therapy

The tantric massage isn't something that's only uttered in dark places, it's not weird, it's nothing you can't train to do yourself, but there are certain people who can do it very well indeed! Despite this mysterious element surrounding the tantric massage, and the fact that we want you to book our London escorts to do it for you, we're going to dispel some myths and let you know how you can achieve similar results.

So here's how it's supposed to work:

London tantric massage therapy

    • The Hindus had it right when they said that this kind of thing promotes good health through pleasure. Basically the body will heal and generally feel better when it's stimulated and causing the mind to feel pleasure. This is something our London escorts are very good at!

    • When it comes to tantric massage, the goal is not to ejaculate, believe it or not. Orgasm is actually a secondary pleasure, even though you might feel very different about that. Climax is simply something that often occurs during the process of pleasure delivery!

You can actually try this out at home with a partner if you like, although we strongly advise getting a professional to do it for you if you want the maximum pleasure. Here's a little how to guide to get you started:

    • You need to get your partner naked first obviously. Remember that they should be in a warm and quiet environment. Relaxing music and perhaps some incense might be a good idea to help them enter a state of relaxation from the very start. Low lighting is also preferable.

    • Select some oil. If you're just starting out Baby Oil or something equally as slippery is fine. You might choose some aromatherapy oil or perhaps some hot professional massage oil. Make sure it's not too hot!

    • Rub the oil all over your partner body, but make a point of staying away from their genitalia. You should allow that arousal to grow. Take your time too.

    • You can choose to massage with your body too. Having your own body in contact with your partner, provided there is enough lubrication, is very pleasurable for both parties.

    • Next it all depends on whether you're massaging a guy or a girl.

              • For a guy you need to take special gentle care of his penis. Our girls know very well how to take care of genitalia through massage and it's not a case of grabbing a hold and jerking like a mad woman! It's more to do with sensual touching and stroking and backing off when climax is near to make the final orgasm as pleasurable as possible. Remember that orgasm is not the goal! Also pay attention to gently massage prostate. Its very pleasurable for all men if approached correctly.

              • For a girl the pressure will need to be adjusted to be both firm and very soft. Move hands around the anus and vaginal lips and swap between the two whilst paying special attention to the clitoris and a G-spot. Continuing to gently massage other areas of the body is also an excellent tactic

All in all you as the masseuse must be as relaxed as the person you're doing in many respects. When the massage becomes something you are both enjoying and prolonging, this is when you will have reached the ultimate goal!

Now book one of our London escorts to show you how to do Tantric massage properly!