Don't let the tube strikes get you down, book a tantric massage

A 48-hour Tube strike set to begin tonight has been suspended as further discussions take place between London Underground and the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union.

However, the decision comes just hours after the union announced seven other strikes planned for the coming months.

See dates of further tube strikes planned here

From past tube strikes we know It's been chaos in the city. Those sensible enough have decided to simply not attempt going home early and stay for a tantric massage in London. It seems the best way to relax under such stressful conditions and it feels pretty damn good too!

It really doesn't seem to matter where you go in London at the moment, the tube strikes have basically forced everyone above ground. We honestly don't think they ever planned to have all those people on the streets at the same time trying to get from one place to another. It's like a scene from The Walking Dead in some places! But if you're going to try and avoid these Londoner zombies, where are you going to go? Let's have a little look…

Tantric massage or the pub?

There really isn't much else on offer unless you want to sit through a two hour movie or watch a show somewhere. At least if you decide to go to the pub you can meet up with some friends or meet some new people we suppose. But then, there is the ever present opportunity to submit to a saucy tantric massage at one of the many places available in the city.

Of course, if you're going to get a tantric massage you need to book one at the best place, with the best masseuses. You can easily get ripped off in London when it comes to massage! There are places literally all over that will give you one for a small price. However, what do you actually get for that "small price?"

Cheap tantric massage

To begin with, tantric massage isn't cheap! That is if it's a proper tantric massage, done by a professional. You'll get a massage anywhere of course, but to get it done properly you can expect to pay a good price for it. Believe us when we tell you that when you've had "the real thing," you certainly won't grumble about the price! The problem with too many cheap places is that they believe all they have to do is get naked and rub themselves against you for half an hour. This, gentlemen, is not a tantric massage. It's no more a tantric massage than a tooth extraction!

A genuinely well trained masseuse who likes to offer tantric services will take her time. You can expect to be in the company of your masseuse often for up to an hour. During this hour, the pleasure you experience will be incremental and have you thinking that you really can't get any more blissful; until the climax of the massage of course!

Don't book cheap services – Book the best!

7 February 2016

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Good for the body, good for the soul: London tantric massage

London tantric massage is that type of massage that differs considerably to the tantric services you would get anywhere else in the UK. In London everything is better right? Of course it is. It's the way of the world to have all the best things in the capital, where everything is happening. This is the reason you should book tantric massage here and nowhere else…

Have you had a massage anywhere else in the UK? It's big business in all the major cities across the country, and it's becoming increasingly popular in lesser populated places too. But you simply won't get the masseuses that you get from agencies and independent girls operating in London. The girls you'll get might be beautiful, and they may even be good with their hands (if you know what we mean!), but will they know the secrets of Tantra?

The answer is probably not. These girls will be offering what we like to call a "basic" service. This means of course that you'll get your good time, but it won't be a truly great time! It's also worth considering whilst we're talking about London tantric massage, that those operating in London are likely to get a lot more practice. And you know what practice makes we assume?

Please be wary of independent London tantric massage

London tantric massage agency

We realise we mentioned independent girls above. Don't get us wrong here, there are a number of very talented independent girls offering tantric massage in London, but they're not that in abundance! The vast majority of independent girls will be telling you they know all about tantric massage, and boasting many different things, but they're unlikely to be too concerned about giving you the service you want. They don't care about getting a valued client, they know another guy will be along pretty soon and they really have no-one to answer to other than themselves

The answer of course is to book from a London tantric massage agency. Not that the girls have to "answer" to us of course, but we will not continue to list girls who offer a substandard service. This much is common in all escort and massage agencies across the city. And this is the reason that clients book their company and their massages from professional agencies. It's not like we're going to recruit just anyone is it? We like to know who we are dealing with, and come to think of it, we list a number of girls who have at one time or another been operating independently. It's the reputation and the skills we require you see.

So, if we've adequately convinced you, why not take a look at the girls we offer and the massages you're likely to enjoy!

4 December 2015

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We are a tantric massage nation!

We have finally shaken off what so many people have long considered taboo. We are ready to embrace what's good for us in every way, and if that includes tantric massage, then so be it!

Both men and women alike are rapidly beginning to open up to their true desires and seek out sensual experiences, as well as therapeutic ones. Massage has been growing in popularity in London, arguably since the beginning of the sixties. Not sensual massage though, that was still considered something you just "don't do," even though there were a number of tantric specialists in the city at the time. This is half the reason that there are still pockets of resistance to the tantric massage services on offer all over London. In the beginning, decades ago when this style was starting to present itself, people dismissed it and considered it "dirty" etc. simply because they didn't understand. It's very different now!

The century of health and well being

London hotel visiting escorts

Over the last 10-15 years there has been an increasing amount of awareness focused on health and well-being. We've witnessed the gym revolution, yoga and Pilates classes opening up all over the place, and a greater recognition for the martial arts. People pay more attention to what they eat, even in a world with McDonald's! People are also acutely aware of their own mental health, their need for rest and relaxation, counselling and psychological assessment. We are a nation that is in the pursuit of betterment.

It's for this reason that London tantric massage has been welcomed even more than before. Everyone is aware of just how "sensual" a tantric massage is, but these days, everyone understands that releasing your sexual energy is just as important as anything else for your general well-being. It's ironic that one of the most ancient arts in the world has become a greater part of the modern world. It's almost as though we lost our way for a few hundred years, whilst we were scrutinising what's "decent" and what's not; what a waste of time that was!

Make tantric massage part of your health regime

If you don't have regular tantric massage, or at least regular massage, you really are missing out. Having one of these excellent massages on a regular basis (perhaps once a week, or at least once a month), you will soon feel the benefits to your physical and mental health. Oh, and they feel pretty damn good too remember!

Take a look at our massage choices now…

7 November 2015

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Feeling down? Get sensual tantric massage!

Getting a massage is something everyone should do at some point or other, and regular massage is even better of course. But there is nothing quite like the feeling of a sensual massage when you're feeling down…

And that's what we're here for. Well, that's what a hell of a lot of massage services in London are here for, but we're the best! Besides, isn't it better to go and meet a new person and have her rub her beautiful body against yours, rather than drown your sorrows in a bottle of red wine? Of course it is, and it's healthier too!

So what is it bringing you down?

One of the most common reasons for feeling down is work and stress. If you're working in London you no doubt suffer from stress on a daily basis. If it isn't the job or your boss, it simply has to be the commute right? Not only will a tantric massage get rid of all those stress knots you have in the muscles around your neck and in your back, the fact that you have a beautiful woman doing it for you is enough to cheer up the most miserable man on the planet right?

Relationships have to be up there in the top five reasons for feeling down too. Being dumped, being misunderstood, arguments and everything else that comes from spending a lot of time with a member of the opposite sex! We could advise you to do a number of things here, but having a body to body tantric massage with a gorgeous woman who you don't have to talk to or see again has to rank pretty high!

Talk to your masseuse

On the other hand, you actually might want to talk to another person, especially a hot one! The beauty of this is that you don't have to pour your heart out, you can simply converse about anything. You will have paid for your time with the masseuse and she'll be doing her utmost to relax you anyway, so you might as well get the most out of it. Don't think that you're annoying her or that she's not interested either. Masseuses the whole world over are very used to listening to people whilst they go about their wonderful work, and they really don't mind at all; besides, you might not ever see her again!


A tantric massage, or a body to body massage, or a soapy bath ritual, or indeed anything else we offer, will leave you feeling euphoric to say the very least. You only have to read some of the reviews on the site to learn this much! So wherever you are in London, make an appointment to come and see one of our talented masseuses, or alternatively let them come and see you. The girls are always happy to visit your home or hotel in London so you don't have to go anywhere!

Book now!

18 August 2015