Feeling naughty? Don't do it at the office party… Do it with a London massage!

Well, specifically, let us do it. You can't very well massage yourself can you? Besides, it wouldn't be nearly as good as one of our girls doing it for you! Seriously for a moment, we know that it's the season for parties and being a bit silly, so we have some advice for you…

The office party, whether it's at Christmas or New Year (or indeed anytime), is a minefield! Anything can happen, and it usually does. Problems always occur when you mix members of the opposite sex and add alcohol. It's a fact of life gents. So we're going to suggest that you get yourself a really good tantric massage in London before your party season gets in full swing, and then abide by the following rules. You should have any pent up sexual frustration out of your system with the massage, so man up and do as we say!

  • Don't chat up someone's wife or girlfriend. Remember that you have to work with these people throughout the following year and it's not going to be easy welcoming the New Year with a black eye!

  • Don't do silly things with office equipment (that includes the copier!)

  • Stay away from the stationary cupboard; particularly with the girls!

  • Do not "open up" to the women. Office relationships are doomed to fail anyway, and you're not likely to meet the love of your life when you're drunk anyway; and you're sure not going to impress her if you did!

  • Don't talk about work. You'll only slag it off and get into trouble later.

  • Do not go to any after parties if your boss is going to be there. Your boss is the boss for a reason. This reason is because they're capable of remembering things when they too are hopelessly drunk. You will mess it up!

We could tell you not to drink, but of course we know that's virtually impossibly in London during the festive season. So if you at least try to follow some of those rules, you might just escape relatively unscathed! Might…

tantric massage in London

London massage service

Indulge yourself with a tantric massage instead. Or indeed, it could act as your reward for "behaving" yourself during party season. What better way to reward yourself than to have a beautiful, young, naked girl sliding herself all over your body, stimulating every inch of yours? We know, there isn't anything quite like it.

Take a look at the girls who can make your dreams come true right now… Get the present you really wanted for Christmas!

21 December 2015

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Vitamins, lifestyle, yoga or Tantric massage?

If you are stressed, nervous you may need to consider the possibility of acute vitamin D deficiency. You can obtain it from capsules or naturally, in food, and by sunbathing. We know the sun's rays are not as beneficial as they used to be but there is no harm in facing the sun several minutes a day. On the contrary, your musculoskeletal system may benefit from it.

Let's assume you relax your mussels through regular consumption of foods or vitamin tablets. However, keep in mind that regular sleep and the right nutrition matter just as much. One of the methods to relax naturally is resting. By selecting the right bed and pillow, you are doing your muscular tissues a great service.

Practicing Yoga

You may benefit by practicing yoga and doing breathing exercises when stress causes mussels pain and contractions. If you do this regularly, you might prevent your mussels from over-stretching in stressful situations by breathing through your nose (your abdomen should go up and down). Meanwhile close your eyes and imagine all the pain and distress gets away from you.

Tantric massage therapy in London

Tantric massage is not only stress relief but it also helps to reach powerful sexual fulfilment and spiritual enchantment.

Tantric massage is different than Swedish massage, and one of the primary purposes of Tantra - and Tantric massage - is to awaken the Kundalini. In yoga, the Kundalini is your sexual energy, an intense, healing energy that, for most people, lies dormant at the base of the spine (the sacrum). Kundalini is also known as prana or chi.

Tantric massage is becoming more popular in our culture due to one of its more pleasurable side effects. When the Kundalini is awakened, or drawn out, it awakens the body's sexual energy Tantric massage makes you feel as if you are in a trance, where physical boundaries dissolve, time disappears, and worries and problems no longer seem important or are forgotten altogether.
The only important think to remember is to breathe, witch helps to relax and eliminate or solve trauma if you have any.

In India, people have achieved ecstasy through Tantra for 5,000 years. Now Tantra practice has spread all over the Europe. And you can have it wherever you are. We have got few places where you can have Tantric massage in London with trained experienced therapists.

Give us a call and we will help you to make a choice.

29 July 2015

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