Enjoy some street food before your London sensual massage

We know you're here to look at the London sensual massage services, but whilst you're on the site we thought we'd share a little research we've been doing on street food in London. There are some great places and some great dishes to try…

Long gone are the days of bacon sandwiches, burgers and hot dogs! We live in a city that's rich in different cultures and a city that has evolved into a collection of people who actually think about what they put in their tummies. So with this I mind, here's a little list of some of the best places to go. You clearly like looking after yourself with sensual massage, see if these take your fancy:

    • Kerb - Brockley Market. Our pick here simply has to be the duck burger, or as it's known here the "Bill Burger."

    • Prawnography – Old Street, Magic Roundabout. It's seafood, but not as you know it. They do things differently here and we would personally like to recommend the crabmeat fries; yummy!

    • The Cheese Truck – Maltby Street Market. The Cheese Truck has been getting a lot of attention and there's little wonder when they sell what they do. You'll find great variety and fresh ingredients here. The best by far has to be the goat cheese, honey and walnut toastie; not what you'd expect, but you're going to want another!

    • Milo and Hector's – Maltby Street Market. For those with a sweet tooth, you'll be pleased to hear about this ice cream truck. Oats, cookies and ice-cream and all manner of other delights go into the creations here. Try the cherry ice-cream sandwich, you won't regret it!

The street food industry in Shoreditch was hit not so long ago when a fire took out Dinerama, where you could get arguably the best street food in City of London and the East end. It was a dreadful shame, but now it's on track again, so there's something to be very happy about.

Another thing to be happy about is that no matter whether you're in Shoreditch, or anywhere else in the city enjoying the marvellous street food creations, you're never too far away from some London sensual massage action! So next time you're munching away on a burrito, or even eating the good old fashioned British bacon sandwich, have a little look at the girls we have available for the best tantric and sensual massages in London. You're really not likely to get better than these masseuses gentlemen, and they're all stunning to look at.

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29 September 2015