London foot fetish fans: Don't worry! What is kinky these days?

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You've probably been told many times that your foot fetish is "weird," "kinky," even "disgusting," right? Well, just what does classify as kinky these days? And is kinky something that we should still consider taboo?

Not in our minds of course, we have arguably the best London foot fetish massage services in the city. We've never complained about it, mainly because the masseuses that offer their London foot fetish worship etc. can completely understand the entire concept. Indeed, many of them absolutely adore the attention, even if they don't fully understand. You don't get into the sensual massage industry and do very well, if you don't fully appreciate what your clients desire!

It's not just London foot fetish!

We thought it would be fun to take a little peak at what turns other people on, so you don't feel so ostracised about what floats your boat. We found a lovely little article the other day on that refers the Fifty Shades movie, but sheds a little light on just what turns on a number of celebrities!

We'll summarise a few for you here:

  • Kristen Stuart apparently has a fetish for armpits
  • Matthew McConaughey has a food fetish (well, who doesn't Matthew?)
  • Jennifer Lawrence has a thing for sponges! Yes "sponges."
  • Early comedian Charlie Chaplin apparently had a thing for throwing pies at naked women. Well, it does kind of fit his character we suppose!
  • Christina Anguilera's thing is latex. And we bet she looks pretty good in it too!

And if you're still concerned about your foot fetish, don't be. Did you know that the singer Enrique Iglesias also has one? Well, it's in the article! We're just passing it on guys! Well that's just a few of course. If you want to learn more about those celebrity kinks go and read the article; it's interesting to say the very least!

So what about our London foot fetish massage service?

Yes, of course. If you want to indulge your "kink" you've come to the right place. There are a number of our girls that specialise in this area, and we know for certain they'd all be happy to accommodate your desires. In fact, it's probably the best way to indulge your fetish, since we can incorporate tantric massage with it too. You can pay special attention to your masseuse's feet, and you will be allowed your blissful release with a full body tantric massage too! What better way to satiate your desire?

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23 February 2016

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Combine your fetish massage with the best London masseuses

You know, having a massage doesn't have to be as straightforward as simple laying down and letting some gorgeous young woman rub her hands all over your naked body. Yes, it's a highly sensual experience, but did you know that you can actually have it your way?

We all have those various quirks and kinks that make us who we are, and here at Butterfly Touch Massage, we like to cater to as many of those kinks as we can. We're all about relaxing the client and making them feel absolutely free to express themselves. After all, the basic tenents of Tantra are about submitting to the more sensual side of yourself in an attempt to gain that coveted, spiritual, blissful state. We believe that you can achieve this much more easily if you can embrace and share what makes you happy.

Foot fetish massage and tantric massage

So who says you can't have a tantric massage combined with a foot fetish massage? Not us that's for sure. We welcome anyone who has a passion for foot fetish to also enjoy a wonderful tantric massage, or perhaps a body to body massage. You can imagine perhaps incorporating the two? When you get some of our professional quality Nuru gel involved, things could get very slippery and very kinky fast! The masseuses who work with us at Butterfly Touch Massage, all do these sort of things. They do them mainly because they like doing them to be perfectly honest; it's not always just about you believe it or not!

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Foot fetish and soapy massage

Or why not combine one of our specialist foot worship sessions with a soapy, ritualistic style massage? You can imagine the spiritual and sensual experience you're likely to get from combining these two things, we're sure. All you have to do is make it known to us when you call, exactly the sort of thing you want to experience. We will be happy to suggest one or more of the girls if you like too; if you haven't already got your mind set on one that is!

More than one masseuse?

That's right, we said one or more girls. There are a number of talented masseuses at Butterfly Touch Massage that enjoy working together to provide some of the best four hands massages you're ever likely to get in London. And it isn't as though these girls are simply thrown together either. You will find that the girls who work with each other, genuinely enjoy the experience of being together, providing sensual massages to the truly appreciative gentlemen out there. And we know for a fact that you will indeed appreciate what these masseuses can do!

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20 November 2015

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London foot fetish massage gaining popularity

It's true, and it's lovely to see so many people embracing their London foot fetish and disregarding all those who think that it's taboo. There's nothing taboo at all about having a foot fetish, or indeed any fetish come to think of it…

Having particular things that we like is a part of life, and it's a part of life that we like to embrace at Butterfly Touch Massage. Our dedication to our client needs is what makes us so very popular. When you think about it, you're not likely to get a London foot fetish massage just anywhere are you?

What exactly is a foot fetish?

We hesitate to explain. This is primarily through fear of upsetting anyone who actually has a foot fetish. You see, what our masseuses do is provide this service for those who have a fetish for feet. We have managed to perfect our London foot fetish massage service so that it greatly pleases those clients we have who book it; so we must be doing it right!

A fetish is defined as something that turns someone on, but isn't necessarily something conventional. You could have a fetish for practically anything in reality, and who has the right to tell you that it's not conventional anyway? Chances are that more people are into the same things as you, they just don't want to admit it. So with this as a capsule definition, we can safely determine that a foot fetish is what someone has when they are sexually aroused by feet. Just how of course will be dependent on the individual.

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Embracing sexuality and sensuality

Embracing sensuality in all its forms is one of the fundamental facets of tantric massage. Just because not everyone is prepared to say they enjoy getting their massage done with their masseuse's feet, doesn't mean that it's not in demand. We can testify to the contrary! The feeling of a massage should be as highly sensual as possible and if it pleases our clients to have our specialist London foot fetish massage, then so be it.

When you consider that a naked, body to body, Nuru massage stimulates sexual pleasure and often results in climax, there shouldn't really be any difference how it's done. We must stress, as always of course, that we do not offer a sexual service, climax is just something that often happens as the body reaches a state of absolute bliss.

So if you have a foot fetish, why not give us a call and enjoy a massage that embraces your preferences and leaves you completely happy and fulfilled?

14 November 2015

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