The best Nuru massage London can provide in 2016!

Butterfly Touch have long been at the top of the list for those seeking the best Nuru massage London can offer. Anyone who knows anything about massage providers in the city comes to us for their blissful treatments…

This is mainly because we offer the "real deal," so to speak. Real Nuru massage requires the use of genuine Nuru gel, and not just any old oil or lube. You'd be surprised at just how many masseuses try to get away with standard oil and pass off their service as the best Nuru massage London could give you. It's shameful in our honest opinion, and not something that we'd ever do. It's not even as though genuine Nuru gel is that expensive, and our girls have a massive stock of it!

nuru gel we using for genuine nuru massage nuru gel we using for genuine nuru massage

What's so great about Nuru gel?

Basically it's super slippery! That's the main selling point here. It's a lube that allows maximum slide, and this makes it perfect for body to body massages. A Nuru massage London style, done by the masseuses at Butterfly Touch Massage obviously includes body to body contact. The Nuru gel is applied to your body and rub along the surface of your skin by sliding against it. There really isn't another feeling on this earth like having the naked body of a beautiful young woman sliding all over you. You really won't know what's hit you.

And they don't miss a single area. It's amazing having them slide all over your back, when you're laid on your front, but just wait until you turn over! Something is sure to spring into action here of course. Don't worry, this is perfectly normal, and this will get massaged along with everything else as your masseuse slides her naked body all over you. Naked breasts sliding down your chest, across your penis and down your legs, will send you into a state of absolute bliss; this is often an action that causes sexual stimulation that has only one logical end. It's all part of the best Nuru massage London can offer you in 2016, and you'd be a fool not to book it!

Take a look at the girls who work the magic and see which one you'd like to see gliding over your body!

9 January 2016

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Getting a good Nuru massage in London can improve your life!

Yes, it really can! We've said it before of course about how good for your health a massage can be, but it really can save your life you know?

Your circulation is very important

But you must have already know that right? Someone rubbing your body all over is going to help move the blood around, in places that may not have already been getting a good, or even adequate supply. Many clients have reported that they have felt warmth in places that they've never really felt that warm before. Feet and legs are very common, but arguably the most popular place to have blood circulating more and feeling warm is… Well, we think you can fill this in!

Let's get back to how getting a professional Nuru massage in London can really save your life. We just mentioned your circulation. With improved circulation comes lower, more stable blood pressure. If your blood cannot circulate properly, due to many things, then your veins will become constricted because your blood pressure increases to compensate. High blood pressure can contribute to heart attacks and strokes, so it goes without saying that this really can save your life!

But what about body to body massage?

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Well it's just the same with body to body massage. In fact that's where Nuru massage will help you even more. Nuru massage in London is usually done professionally of course, and the girls who perform this sort of massage are not overweight in anyway. This means that the pressure you're going to get on your body will be pretty low. Besides that, when the masseuse is covered in Nuru gel, she'll be slipping all over your body so much that her weight will never be in one place for too long anyway. Believe us when we tell you that the girls we represent really know how to move in all the right ways when they're giving you a body to body massage. Make no mistake about it!

Less stress

Another thing that will constrict your blood vessels etc. is stress. Remember the feeling after sex? When you're spent, you're relaxed and happy? Well, after a Nuru massage you'll be feeling pretty much the same, only you won't have had to work very hard to achieve this state of bliss. With a massage from one of our professionals, you will reach this state of bliss automatically and with virtually no effort at all.

So what on earth are you waiting for guys? Book now!

Watch video of how we peform nuru massage

10 December 2015

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